I am a French illustrator, surface pattern designer and writer living in Leicester, UK.

I work across multiple disciplines including picture books, educational illustration, surface pattern design, toy design and merchandise. My artwork mixes digital and traditional techniques and I also like to experiment in order to discover new techniques that I can integrate into my work.

I like to draw funny things and to come up with short stories. I also love beautiful things, and get butterflies when I look at stationery and bright colours. My inspiration comes from the world around me – from things that I hear and see in my everyday life, to shapes on my bathroom tiles – and my work is driven by the desire to make people smile and to spread fun.

Selected clients

BBC School Radio, Templar Publishing, The Natural History Museum, Brandart Ltd, Jellycat, Applesauce Art, Farrer and Kane, Koplina, Nutritional Focus


Impression Originale


Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about ways we can work together or just want to say hello!